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Aderans's selection of globally available products includes the men's line, ADERANS, the women's line, FONTAINE, BOSLEY, a hair transplantation service and HAIRCLUB, non-surgical hair restoration and hair loss prevention services.

Our goal is to provide wigs and hair transplantation services for all walks of life which are up-to-date with the times across a board spectrum of situational needs.

In the vein of our key words, fashion, style and expertise, we continue to renew the value of wigs as well as hair growth to all generations in our mission to become a universally acclaimed brand.


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Men's Wigs

As hair experts, we dedicate much of our time and effort to the production of wigs and haircare products.
We also offer advice through personal counseling in the area of hair growth and hair nurturing.



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Women's Wigs

For women, wigs are a reflection of their class and lifestyle.
We work hard to develop extraordinary products including everything from ready-made wigs to custom-made wigs for women who wish to stay beautiful forever.



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Hair Transplantation

Bosley has performed more than 240,000 surgical hair restoration procedures for men and women from more than 60 countries. Patients continue to benefit from the experience of more than 30 physicians, 250 clinical staff, and 23 surgical locations throughout the US, as well as in Mexico, Singapore and China.



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Overseas Hair Restoration

Hair Club provides non-surgical hair restoration for both men and women, services to promote and maintain healthy hair growth in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Aderans group is also developing wholesale and retail operations for men's and ladies' custom-made wigs and ready-made wigs in North America, Europe and Asia.


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